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ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting

Every business is unique with its own processes, objectives, and requirements and the present businesses need technologies with complete functions to bridge the gap between business processes and their customers. Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system by Everblue Tech Advisors gives a helping hand by synchronizing all information and communication within the organization. ERP is a combination of software and company activities performed to manage operations. The ERP software aligns the entire project value chain and effectively streamlines critical processes of the business.

When you Need ERP?

An ERP system is needed when:

  • High growth rate coupled with geographically spread locations.
  • Inability to manage spends budget controls.
  • Time-consuming month end closures and inaccurate MIS reports.
  • Customer experience depreciation.
  • Obsolete inventory and irregular stock levels.
  • Vague sales predictions.
  • Low employee satisfaction and
  • Disparate IT system

In all of the above cases having an ERP system will streamline the workflow and increase the business efficiency. However, implementing an ERP system requires a significant investment of time and money and many companies engage outside ERP consulting help so that they can benefit from the experience of professionals who have been through the process many times.

Get the health of your ERP checked

Everblue Tech Advisors can help you successfully implement ERP system as well as provide assistance after the implementation process. We provide application expertise to support organizations ERP implementation, efficiently managing complex implementation projects, design new processes, optimize current processes, provide support and training and help keep the complex ERP system landscape up and running always. In addition to this, Everblue Tech Advisors help optimize the use of all ERP products implemented in a cost-effective manner contributing to the overall company’s success.

Our ERP services are designed to address the specific needs of different industries and when working with our team of ERP consultants you get:

  • Quality assurance
  • Years of experience
  • Quick and easy implementation through proven methodologies
  • Global best practices with local expertise
  • Timely implementation at cost-effective prices
  • Reduced risk
  • Strong partner ecosystem and
  • Agreed upon success measures


Everblue Tech Advisors listen to the needs of the clients and then tailor the ERP system to meet their unique objectives. Our experienced consultants guide them through all stages of ERP implementation recommending best solutions. We offer a range of services that can be used as a full ERP implementation package or in between stages of implementation. Our aim is to make the seemingly complex world of ERP simple for the clients so that they can focus on their business.

We are incredibly approachable to your requests and value your queries!