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CRM Packages

CRM Packages

In this highly competitive market, it is crucial for a business to share the right information to the right person at the right time and if they fail to do so will lose the opportunity to sell products or services. Customer Relationship Management is the solution to this and Everblue Tech Advisors offer CRM software packages which are designed to help businesses optimally deploy CRM organization-wide. We have a team of CRM experts who conduct sessions to understand your business needs and then offer customized solutions to address key business challenges, import data, answer key questions, and train individuals in the organization on how to use CRM to its fullest. The result is better customer relationships. When companies have full management of their sales and marketing tools in one place, integrated with their help desk, customer service wins.


Here is our CRM Packages

Everblue Sales

Effortlessly create, cultivate and nurture professional client relationships with Everblue Sales. We seamlessly connect you with the customer so that you can build on your sales effort and convert quotes into projects and track delivery with ease. Here is what Everblue Sales Package offers you.


  • Get more leads, close more deals easier and faster.
  • Helps you manage deal tracks, stages and milestones to keep the sales process on track.
  • Enjoy one-click calling, call scripts and voice mail automation.
  • Manage your projects effectively with drag and drop task list and more.
  • Create automatic email alerts and auto assign tasks.
  • Reach higher ROI with complete contact view, deal tracking, lead scoring, real-time alerts, and deep analytics.
  • Maintain constant insights with advanced analytics, metrics, and reports for smarter and sustainable growth.
  • Get access to dedicated CRM expert.

Everblue Marketing

Build automated marketing campaigns in minutes and start capturing more leads today with Everblue Marketing. Our features include:


  • Marketing workflows with an easy drag and drop designer.
  • Use templates to create high converting, responsive landing pages.
  • Integrate social media easily into your marketing campaigns and contact view.
  • Get complete email marketing features with newsletters and analytics.
  • Build and manage any kind of email campaign to reach customers with relevant messaging.
  • Score leads and segment contacts automatically based on link clicks, web browsing activity, and custom tags.
  • Convert visitors into dedicated customers with exit intent popup.

Everblue All in One

Everblue All in One CRM Package tracks and manages customer interactions through a series of built-in tools designed to help users manage their business. All-in-one CRM is built for use by small and mid-market companies that do not wish to buy separate systems to solve their customer-related business needs due to budgetary restrictions or organizational complexity. Here is what Everblue All in One CRM Package offers you.


  • Seamless customer experience across marketing and sales to increase engagement, win more deals, and foster brand loyalty.
  • Increase sales with detailed sales deals and automatic notifications.
  • Capture leads from email and other data sources.
  • Easily add and remove tasks as you need them with a single click, drag, and drop their orders.
  • Measure campaign performance and profitability.
  • Improved efficiency in serving clients.
  • Allows you to manage more customer interactions faster.
  • Get real-time data with the option of accessing it anywhere, anytime.

Get in touch with Everblue Tech Advisors today to get started.