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CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Any Customer Relationship Management will only be a success if it can help improve customer interactions and increase profitability by generating leads and opportunities.


Businesses crave interaction with their customers and target prospects. The goal of having an effective CRM plan is to record information about customer activities and even their most basic information. It is also important to keep the data organized for ease of tracking and management. As a result, different departments such as sales and marketing can use the gathered information to improve their game. After all, a business that can understand the needs of their customers is bound to succeed.

Why Everblue Tech Advisors for all your CRM Integration and automation needs?

CRM Integrations strategies aim to optimize your business by achieving the following:

  • to retain customers by improving ways of communication
  • to develop ideas for more specific marketing efforts in line with their target population
  • to tweak the ability to track current and possible customers.
  • to enhance the profitability of the company and sharpen business focus.


Why website and CRM integration should be the first step? 

Understanding the multiple benefits of having a good CRM strategy for your business can interest you on CRM integration. In this method, there is no longer a need to depend on manual entries for your CRM efforts. Your CRM and website will co-exist to provide more efficient and direct results. It speeds things up a bit by delivering relevant data about customer leads right away, since the information will be coming directly from your website.

Furthermore, CRM integration also is vital in streamlining the sales process to generate leads that come to your website. How?

When customers access your website, a form asking personal information like name, e-mail address and phone details appear. With CRM integration, you can determine how a lead landed on your website, when did they do so, what areas did they visit, and what type of information they are looking for. You will be able to view all these data in an organized manner.

CRM can be customized depending on your needs. Custom fields can be added based on what the company requires. Simply put, CRM is designed to help an entrepreneur or a corporation to organized all relevant customer data and uses it for whatever purpose you may see fit.

How do you jumpstart CRM integration?

We can help you provide the best CRM strategy your business will thrive on by studying the needs of your company and helping you understand the process of integration. You will also learn the important steps that must be taken to streamline customer interactions immediately.

To be clear, CRM is more of a strategy than a tactic. The strategy is the long-term goal, while tactics are more concrete and can change depending on the strategy. Nevertheless, strategy and tactics should always go hand in hand with one another. The good news is that we can help you with both.

CRM must be associated with all business productivity tools, such as:

Facebook- When there is a new lead on Facebook, integration helps in follow up on customer interactions efficiently. The leads generated by your campaign ads are followed up effectively for a higher conversion rate.

WordPress – CRM Plug-ins are more suitable for small businesses than hosted solutions. Additionally, this method is easier because the similar interface is used. There will not be any difficulty in access. Data security, customization, and expansion are some of its benefits.

LiveChat – With CRM integration, it is easier to recognize customers because of the availability of customer profiles. Even chat transcripts can be recorded, these references make an agent’s job run more smoothly. With immediate and precise support, your business can dramatically increase its sales.

Other examples of productivity and automation include integration with Databox, Zendesk, Semrush, Instapage, Shopify, Slack, PandaDoc, Zapier, SurveyMonkey, Twitter and many more.

We provide the remarkable service we’d want to experience ourselves.