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CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics

Researches say that customers who emotionally connect with a brand are twice as likely to purchase a product or service. This shouldn’t surprise you after all customers are the mortar that keeps businesses from falling apart. So, happy, invested customers are the underlying foundation for success and providing outstanding customer experience is essential if you want to expand your business operations. Today, there are many software products on the market that can help businesses enhance their relationships with consumers. However, the most popular solution used by businesses worldwide for improving and managing customer experience and gain leads, are the CRM systems.


Once you have implemented the CRM software the next step is, understanding the customer demands, preferences and responding to them appropriately. Today, customer data is available in plenty – they exist in multiple enterprise systems, such as on social media. However, the challenge for businesses is to scan through loads of available information, establish the association and derive actionable business insights.


This is when CRM Analytics can help you as it provides customer’s insights.

Why Everblue Tech Advisors for CRM Analytics?

Customer relationship management analytics (CRM analytics) comprises all programming that analyzes data about your business’s customers and presents it in a manner to streamline business choices to make better and quicker business decisions. It is also considered a form of online analytical processing (OLAP) through the use of data mining.

CRM Analytics help businesses find correlations, isolate patterns and track trends among volumes of customers, serving up the kind of information that allows your organization to tailor the customer experience which will help improve engagement, grow your business, and better your profits.

Smart CRM Analytics for Your Business

Based on the effective analysis, Everblue Tech Advisors CRM analytics platform support customer service through the real-time generation of new insights empowering you to make forward-looking decisions such as where it is best to make your next major capital investment and how to further optimize your CRM system for even greater efficiency. We provide your business with a personalized, unique service experience to boost your brand image.

Everblue Tech Advisors are able to anticipate both current and future customer behavior and use these results as a basis for optimizing each case of customer interaction. This improves key figures in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Here are a few reasons why you will want to integrate analytics into your CRM software solution.

Have a better understanding of the customers
Understanding the customer’s preferences, their values, and their histories are the foundation of guiding your enterprise towards greater success. CRM analytics helps analyze all customer data points and then group them according to their behavior allowing businesses to identify their best customers. Customers at all levels of marketing and sales funnel can be segmented for targeted marketing efforts. Customer trends can be extracted from large amounts of data and used to anticipate needs, guiding product development, marketing efforts and promotions.

A better understanding of the customer-facing operations
CRM Analytics will help you understand how well the company is performing in terms of service, sales, and marketing. It also helps businesses predict and establish ROI and use it to justify further investments. The reason for Customer Relationship Management programs in the first place was to take the cost of sales, the cost of marketing and the cost of service and with CRM Analytics you are sure of getting a return on what you’re spending.

Benchmarking is the ability to determine how well your business is or is not performing as compared to your plan or similar organizations in your industry as well as companies in other industries. A powerful CRM analytics module provides the data to perform detailed benchmarking and it focuses on defined key indicators such as customer satisfaction, retention, cost per customer service call and revenue per call. With CRM Analytics you can see the operational areas in which lag and bring them up to industry standards.

Everblue Tech Advisors specializes in this domain and helps customers devise or design CRM Analytics implementation to take their CRM practice to the next level.

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